Painting on wood

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This month’s assignment for the Lilla Rogers Bootcamp course was all about scenic design. A very broad subject! The 1st week I drew some cute little scenes, inspired on vintage plates. I couldn’t find a clear direction though. Then came the main assignment; make a round piece of art on wood(!) for the Wall art market! Whoohoo! What a great assignment! I love natural materials, but somehow never thought about painting directly on wood…

Wood magic

Now I had to find a piece of wood first! Somehow it didn’t feel good to go online and buy a fresly polished piece of wood…so I decided to find some wood to paint on myself. In the forest I only found enormous tree trunks, no nice chunks for me…and then I remembered the planking of an old chair I saved in the barn. This planking was old scaffolding wood, which was made into a chair and used inside for years and then for a few years outside untill it began to fall apart…I love the texture and the roughness of this wood!

Since I’ve never painted on wood before I decided to prime it first and then paint on the wood, using different materials. This became the painting above. I love the tough and feel of the painting on wood! What I didn’t like was that the whole piece of wood was covered, covering the beautifull color of the wood itself…by that it lost part of its magic. So I decided to start all over and used my sketches of my trip into the forest as inspiration. This time I made sure to keep -and see- all the imperfections in the wood and the colour of the wood. The wood isn’t primed which made the water-colour painting quite hard…but I love it! The result is the ‘Picnic in the woods’ piece in my portfolio. Enjoy!

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