Creating with JOY

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This month’s assignment for the Lilla Rogers Bootcamp course was all about Edwardian brooches. For those of you who don’t know Lilla; she is one of America’s leading art agents who teaches courses like MATS and Bootcamp and who is lovingly called ‘the fairy art mother’ by her students. For more info about Lilla and her courses: First I started drawing a lot of Edwardian brooches, then gems which evolved in geomatric patterns. Then I started drawing shoes, which can be incredible jewels too ;-). But still the drawings didn’t bring me the joy I was looking for…

Finding the sweet spot – creating with JOY

Sometimes when creating an illustration the tempation to do what you’re good at is high. Illustrations then tend to become a kind of ‘trick’; just do what you’re good at and all will be fine and finished on time. BUT! My goal for the Bootcamp assignments (and all the pieces of art and illustration on this site) is to create authentic pieces, with nothing but joy! So I had to find the sweet spot…and one week passed with lots of drawing without finding it.

Then came the main assignment, the Edwardian brooches illustration was intended for a journal cover for the gift market. The drawing went on with more patterns and geometrics, but not the joy I was looking for. And another week passed.

In week three I decided to start drawing cameo borders. After drawing some borders I started drawing animals for the inside and YES! There was the sweet spot; I got in a flow and a serie of animal cameos was born! Only a few hours where left before the deadline to decide on color scheme and background. But I’m happy that I kept drawing and drawing to find my place of authentic JOY, even with the high risk of ending up with nothing to submit at the end of the three weeks.

My animal cameo journal makes me smile every time I see it 😉 What about you?

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